Due to issues and drama concerning music licensing I came very close to shutting down both my internet stations.  In fact, I no longer stream to the USA with my other station Soundtrax.

But, thanks to listeners who made financial contributions, we were able to move from our former license provider that lost its ASCAP license to a new provider.  Live365 will host our stream and provide the blanket licensing coverage needed to stream in the USA legally.

We are now originating our stream directly from The Shire going through the air initially.  Somewhere down the internet road it goes into the ground, but I have no idea where.  If the internet goes down here or the power drops, the back-up Auto DJ at Live365 will take over.

We will be streaming commercials that Live365 provides and they will credit The X with a portion of the earnings from those ads to help bring down the monthly cost of hosting and music royalties. We likely won't earn enough to cover the whole cost as the music royalty curve generally outpaces the ad earnings and our share of those will only be half. The combination of the ads reducing our monthly bill to Live365 and donations from our listeners will keep the music coming through those little fiber optic cables all over the world.

I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly recognize some very special people that are with us every day listening and chatting on the website.  Thanks for listening and financially supporting The X. Where Christian Rock Lives!