Within the next couple of weeks I'll be taking my driving test to get my CDL to drive a school bus here in The Shire.

This is way out of my comfort zone, but the internet radio/voice over world hasn't been able to generate enough revenue to support us on its own, so it makes sense that if I'm able bodied and my community has a need that I should try to be of service. The great part about the schedule is that I have the middle of my day to do all the stuff necessary to continue bringing you The X.

It's a small hamlet with a small student body of Hobbits and my route will take me down mostly country dirt roads with almost no traffic. That will make things less stressful for me but not so much for the bus which is why inspecting the bus prior to each trip is extra important here. There is a lot to remember/inspect for the upcoming test along with the driving manuevers and actual street driving. And yes, I'll have to parallel park a bus :0

I hope you'll pray for my brain as I try to fight against the old adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". I do seem to not be as sharp in the memorization of stuff as I might have been in my younger days. Thank God for YouTube, though, as I have immersed myself in some wonderful instructional video channels to help me know what I need to know.

I get the jitters pretty easy and this experience reminds me of the first time I soloed in an airplane at 16 and pretty much every first day of any radio station where I worked. Please pray for that too!

I'll let you know how it goes...


Update (3/13/2018)  Well... I failed my first attempt at the driving portion for my commercial drivers license.

Here's "My dog ate my homework excuse":  Something was not working on my switch panel and I got a little flabbergasted and frustrated about it. I figured out what was wrong but felt extremely embarassed about something I should have already known about the particular make and model of bus I was in.

Anyway, it really shattered what little confidence I had and as I was demonstrating the air brake test I left a step out which is an automatic fail on the pre-trip inspection portion of the exam.

So, that means another appointment and another attempt at perfection in April after the school's spring break.