The X About Us

The X Rocks

My name is Chris and I'll be your personal Christian Rock program director.

My history with this music goes way back to 1980 when my cousin Mike introduced me to one of Phil Keaggy's albums. My first Christian Rock concert was Petra's More Power To Ya' tour and there the lightbulb went off in my head to want to start a full time Christian Rock Station. I got the privilege of programming one in Dallas for 16 years starting in 1999.

Unfortunately donor support fell and the station had to sell but the lightbulb is still burning bright in me and I hope you see it here on The X.

The great thing about being an internet station is it will be far less expensive to operate The X than it was to operate a terrestrial radio station.  I'm not sure, though, how much this is going to cost as music royalty fees are calculated by the number of listeners to the station.  The more popular the station becomes the more expensive it is to stream the music.

We will be running commercials to help offset some of the royalty expense but the revenue earned won't cover everything as they only pay about $2.00 for every thousand impressions.  I hope you'll consider becoming a monthly partner or make an occasional one time gift to help me keep this music streaming to the world.

Please email me with any comments or questions.  I also program another station (Soundtrax.FM) so please make sure to put The X in the subject.

Thanks for listening!